About Us

Library of Institute Technology National is located Jl. PKH. Mustopha No.23 Bandung, Indonesia, founded in the year of 1984. Our library has been a high value on Chinese culture and has organized/co-organized kinds of activities related to China. In order to provide more high- quality publications and materials for our local Chinese learners and Chinese culture lovers, meanwhile to enhance cultural exchange between China and Indonesia, we sent out our application and finally established a “Chinese Corner” in our library.

The Chinese Corner in our library was set up on August 11, 2014, in 2016 we renovation and added a couple of computers to improve the comfort of visitors.  in 2016, we added computer facilities into 7 units, thus giving visitors the comfort of china corner.

Chinese Corner is part of the library Institut Teknologi Naisonal – Bandung provided to promote the collection grant from the Chinese government (China Hanban). Chinese Corner is located on the 2nd floor Library, the collection consists of a collection of text books and a collection of multimedia (CD and VCD). The subject of the collection consists of the historical development of china, books, comics and books about Chinese Language lessons beginner and advanced level

All collections can be searched using the electronic catalog (accessible internally from the library) and through WebOPAC online at http://lib.itenas.ac.id/?page_id=597.

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China Multimedia Collection
For the security of the collection, the collection of multimedia (VCD) can only be accessed in the library using the computers we provided, all multimedia collections can be accessed by using video streaming in http://digital.lib.itenas.ac.id/.

All Chinese Corner collection can be used by all students Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandung and visitors of public libraries. Facilities in Chinese Corner is a personal computer to use streaming video and searching the collection. Television can be used if necessary to watch video collection.






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