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Study on the Development of Ornaments as the Implementation Creative Ability in SME Based Creativity


The footwear industry at this time is very rapidly growing, especially in material aspects, construction between upper and bottom, manufacturing techniques, to model variants which each have an influence in the formation of design concepts and design development of the footwear product. In the determination of design decisions relating to the model of footwear products, there are elements of design that became part of the form elements, namely color, material character, the concept of pattern pieces are also unique motifs that each provide visual reinforcement so that each product will have Different originality values.

The process of designing footwear products made in SME is often done by imitation or popularly called “ATM”, ie “Amati”, “Tiru” and “Modifikasi”. Such a product development thinking pattern will not result in innovation values in the product, even such imitative habits will shape their mentality tends to be more lazy to innovate and not creative to produce new products.

One possible attempt by craftsmen to get the original and easy to do value is the use of the “stilasi” method, an attempt to discover new forms by simplifying the shape of a particular object. The process of simplifying the shape of an object is generally done on the design of traditional ornaments of the archipelago. By studying the process of creating these traditional ornaments, there will be found a basic method that can be used to develop novelty values, originality and design uniqueness in handicraft products including in footwear products. This idea development method will then be taught to the craftsmen to be able to empower their creation ability to develop the products they make.

Penulis: Mohamad Arif Waskito, Agus Rahmat M
Alamat email: mawaskito@yahoo.com
Kata kunci: Creativity, decoration, stilasi, footwear industry
Keterangan: file paper ini dipublikasikan di Proceedings of the 1st Faculty of Industrial Technology International Congress International Conference Bandung, Indonesia, October 9-11, 2017

File paper: Study on the Development of Ornaments as the Implementation Creative Ability in SME Based Creativity