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Underwater Visible Light Communication using Maritime Channel


An underwater visible light communication (UVLC) system utilizing a maritime channel is proposed. The transmission
system presents a shore-to-undersea communication considering unique properties of both maritime and undersea environments, i.e., wave height, wind speed, absorption and scattering in undersea. Lighthouse transmits the signal using white LED and it will be received by a beacon on the sea surface through maritime channel, then the beacon will relay the signal using green LED to underwater receivers through the undersea channel. Computer simulations were conducted based on the Jonswap (JS) spectrum model and Jerlov water type over various distances for analysis. The simulation result shows BER of 10-6 in 210 m distance after is transmitted through undersea channel

Dibuat oleh : Arsyad Ramadhan Darlis, Willy Anugrah Cahyadi, Denny Darlis and Yeon Ho Chung
Alamat e-mail:  arsyaddarlis@gmail.com
Kata kunci : underwater visible light communication (UVLC), shore-to-undersea, maritime and underwater channel, Jonswap spectrum model, Jerlov water type.
Keterangan: Karya ilmiah ini disampaikan pada The 2016 International Symposium on Electronics and Smart Devices, November 2016, InstitutTeknologi Bandung (ITB)

Underwater Visible Light Communication using Maritime Channel