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Institut Teknologi Nasional - Bandung

Water Type Identification in Underwater VLC


An undersea water type identification scheme system using visible light is proposed. In underwater visible light communication system {WLC), water type determines the comrmunicatioh performance.The water in undersea is classified into three types, i.e., clear, coastal, and turbid harbor. each of which has different absorption and scattering coefficient. The proposed system is used to determine absorption and scattering coefficient in seawater using least square estimation based on received power The simulation result shows Wat the water type can be estimated with an estimation error of 2.9289%.

Dibuat Oleh : Arsyad Ramadhan Darlis, Shivani Teli, Anugrah Cahyadi, Yeon Ho Chung

Alamat e-mail : yhchung@pknu.ac.kr

Kata Kunci : Visible Light Communication (VLC), Water Type Identification in Underwater VLC

Keterangan: Karya  ilmiah ini disampaikan pada Branch Conference The Korean Institute of Communications and Informations Sciences Fall 2016, December 2016, At Pusan National University, Busan, South Korea

Water Type Identification in Underwater VLC