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Structural and Non-Structural Approaches as Flood Protection Strategy in Muara Angke Settlement, North Jakarta


Flood has become a threat in the Northern part of Jakarta due to sea level rise, land subsidence, and extreme rainfall at present. Muara Angke is a region where land subsidence rate is about 12 cm/year, its location is adjacent to Pluit settlement, in North Jakarta. This region is a delta where surrounded by Asin River in the east, Adem River in the west, and Jakarta Bay in the north. Initiall, Muara Angke had an area of 62 ha in 1977, but it has grown to be 71,7 ha at present, consists of fishing settlements, fishing port and industries, bus terminal, and mangrove forest. As a delta, Muara Angke has become a flood prone settlement, so that several events of flood occurred. Therefore it is necessary to develop environmental protection and management to protect the settlement and fishing industries from floods. The objective of this research to identify the kind of flood protection approaches and management of environmental to prevent flooding. This research was conducted with qualitative research method. Data were collected through depth-interviews with stakeholders and community leaders, survey to observe the recent condition of environmental protection system, and documentation about flood protection system which had been built . The result of this research, Muara Angke has structural and non-structural approaches to protect the environmental from the threat of flooding. Structural approach which uses a polder system, consists of flood retention pond, Waste Water Treatment Plant, two pumping stations which each station has four pumps, drains, and dike or seawall surrounding this region. Non-structural approach is relationship between Technical Unit of Muara Angke (government officials) and communities, their participation to maintain the settlement such as planting mangroves by the youth group, cleaning ditches before the rainy season come, and dissemination to communities. This study is useful to characterize of the flood resilience in flood prone fishing settlement.

Dibuat oleh : Juarni Anita & Hamzah Latief

E-mail:  anit@itenas.ac.id

Kata Kunci : flood protection strategy, non-structural approach,  structural approach

Keterangan :  Makalah ini  disampaikan pada International Conference Ÿ 21 – 22 October 2013Ÿ ITB, Bandung

Structural and Non-Structural Approaches as Flood Protection Strategy in Muara Angke Settlement, North Jakarta