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Transformation of traditional rice cooking utensils into modern design in West Java Indonesia


The development of modern electricity-based household appliances (home appliances) in West Java province Indonesia nowadays have shifted the traditional use of household appliances that are generally a craft product. All traditional rice cooking containers such as steamer made from woven bamboo shifted by electric rice cooker that offer a simpler cooking process. This phenomenon occurs not only in urban areas but also in the rural areas. In turn, this Sundanese ethnic artifact will be marginalised and disappear. As one of local cultural artifacts that have long been used in staple food cooking activity, the existence of steamer should be saved and continue to present in modern life in the context of local culture sustainability. This paper uses the ethnography method to observe the craftbased traditional rice cooking utensils in West Java Province Indonesia. The experimental methods used to examine the possibility of transformation of the rice steamer made of woven bamboo, as case study, into modern design component. The method applied in the form of sketches and computer-based montage as a creative effort to transform the steamer, based-on its shape, into a suitable component that is as lampshade. This paper demonstrates the idea that craft that have been replaced by modern product can be transformed, as component of modern design. It is can be seen as an effort for sustain an ethnic traditional heritage and a representation of local culture-based design.

Dibuat oleh : Jamaludin

Alamat e-mail: jamal@itenas.ac.id

Kata kunci : transformation, traditional craft, lighting design

Keterangan: Karya tulis ilmiah ini disampaikan pada Cumulus Hong Kong 2016

Transformation of traditional rice cooking utensils into modern design in West Java Indonesia